Our programs are NOT handout programs, everyone gives & takes, everyone is on the same team. Here’s how it works...........................

GoPacks will:

~ provide healthy food for breakfast, lunch & dinner for students, in weekly bags

~ organize free workshops/classes/events for families to attend that increase resources, support networks, and family bonding

~provide families with take home resources such as recipes, kits, surplus food & contact info for other groups

Students/Families will:

~ pick up food from the GoPacks office once a week

~ attend at least 1 GoPacks hosted or endorsed event before the end of the school year (families may attend more)

Extra Program Features:

~ On Track with GoPacks

- all students receive 1 new book per school quarter, & can earn party invitations & camp scholarships

~ Super Shopper Monthly Enhancements

- This is an optional feature that allows families to invest $9 to receive 9 months of toiletries & personal items for their students

There are no income requirements to enroll in any of our programs. You just have to agree to the responsibilities listed above/agree to be part of the GoPacks Team.