Pack & Go Stores are located in schools for ALL students in the schools. The stores provide healthy bundles of food for students to purchase. The snack bundles are great for healthy snacks before sports practices and club meetings. The meal bundles are perfect for getting a jump start on dinner.

In addition, we have a Voucher Program that allows students to receive two free bundles each week - 1 snack bundle & 1 meal bundle. Like our other programs, our Voucher Program is NOT a handout program everyone gives & takes, everyone is on the same team. Here’s how it works...........................

GoPacks will:

~ will put vouchers on students' Pack & Go account for 2 bundles a week (1 of each type)

~ organize free workshops/classes/events for families to attend that increase resources, support networks, and family bonding

~provide families with take home resources such as recipes, kits, surplus food & contact info for other groups

Students/Families will:

~ stop by the Pack & Go Store weekly to pick up 2 bundles (students' responsibility)

~ pick up food from the GoPacks office for longer school breaks ~ attend at least 1 GoPacks hosted or endorsed event before the end of the school year (families may attend more)

Extra Program Features:

~ On Track with GoPacks

- all students receive 1 new book per school quarter, & can earn party invitations & camp scholarships

~ Super Shopper Monthly Enhancements

- This is an optional feature that allows families to invest $9 to receive 9 months of toiletries & personal items for their students

There are no income requirements to enroll in any of our programs. You just have to agree to the responsibilities listed above/agree to be part of the GoPacks Team.